Triumph on the Field: Pittwater RSL FC shines in 2023 Football State Cup!

In the vibrant arena of grassroots football, the State Cup competition emerges as the ultimate crucible for teams to measure their mettle against counterparts hailing from every corner of New South Wales. This year, the resounding anthem of competition saw Pittwater RSL FC rise to the occasion, sending forth not just one, but two remarkable women’s teams to contend in the State Cup. The outcome? A symphony of triumph that resonates with extraordinary achievements and an unwavering commitment to the beautiful game.

2023 W13 Team
2023 W16 Team
An Amazing Debut: W13 Team Achieves Runners-Up Position in Prestigious Football State Cup

Marking a historic moment for our team, this year saw the maiden entry of the W13’s into the prestigious football 2023 State Cup.

Their path to success was paved with determination and resilience, as they navigated past 16 formidable opponents from across NSW to secure a spot in the coveted final. The road was arduous, dotted with battles against formidable adversaries and heart-pounding penalty shootouts.

Their unwavering efforts bore fruit, propelling them to the grand final in their inaugural State Cup appearance, achieving the runners up position.

The pride we hold for our remarkable girls knows no bounds, as they illuminate the remarkable journey they’ve undertaken and the promising future they’re shaping. See you back in 2024!

Pittwater RSL FC W13 Team

1. Chloe Abela
2 Heidi Cate Lillycrop
3 Kiani Lola Martin
4 Leah Dive
5 Aleksia Slavujevic
6 Amara Sophia Froggatt
7 Sienna Lauren Humphreys
8 Lucie Howell
9 Mica Leila Spencer
10 Ella Riley Monahan
11 Indiana Matthews
12 Skye Bella Silver
13 Matilda Young
14 Ellablu Lovett
15 Lulu Polgar

Coach: Mark Abela
Manager: Nicole Dive

Victory and Resilience: W16 – State Cup Tournament 2023 Champions

An unwavering spirit and a legacy of determination define our community club’s journey, as witnessed once more in the exhilarating 2023 W16 – State Cup Tournament.

Cast your mind back to 2019 when our W12’s etched their name on the coveted trophy. Over the past four seasons, marred by unexpected pauses due to Covid and unpredictable weather, our remarkable W16 team displayed a breathtaking resurgence, staunchly defending their title.

This victory is a testament to the resilience and dedication that define our team and club. As we celebrate this triumph, we remember that the journey itself, filled with challenges, setbacks, and nail biting moments, is the heart of our community club’s legacy.

Pittwater RSL FC W16 Team

1. Matilda Warren
2 Brianna Laforest
3 Tiana Walsh
4 Mia Links
5 Eliza Henry
6 Emilia Lawrence
7 Georgie Calleia
8 Tasha Lillycrop
9 Kiah Saunders
10 Chloe Curry
11 Rianer Levy-Peters
12 Asha Bouveng
13 Maya Atkinson
14 Zara Humphrey
15 Any Bonasera

Coach: Christopher Natoli
Assistant Coach: Jayda Bouveng
Assistant Coach: Mikayla Natoli
Manager: Sylvia Atkinson
Manager: Stacey Saunders
Manager: Paul Bouveng

The club takes immense pride in all its players and their unwavering dedication displayed every week. Moreover, we hold a deep sense of pride for our women athletes, who stand as beacons of inspiration, showcasing to girls and women that boundless achievements are within their grasp, illuminating a path for them as the torchbearers of football’s future.