MWFA Wet Weather Procedure

Wet Weather Lines

Most of the Local Councils have Wet Weather Lines, which has recorded messages about the availability of grounds for use for training and playing, the exception is Warringah. On a Friday afternoon during a wet week, it can be difficult to get through on these lines because of people trying to get early information.

The numbers are:
Pittwater Council 9970-1236
Manly Council 9976-1699
Mosman Council 9978-4136
Warringah only updates the website & twitter 

Even if the Councils declare grounds fit for play, the MWFA or the Clubs may still withdraw them in which case all managers and coaches would receive a text message at 7am on that morning. 
MWFA Wet Weather Procedure

Please note that the MiniRoos U6s - U11s don't replay washed out games.

Games that are washed out are replayed. There are two types of replay:

• Full round washed out

If a complete round is washed out the games are replayed on scheduled wet weather days. If this is not adequate to replay all the washed out weeks, then the round robin can be abandoned and those week used for replaying washouts. Generally the draw will remain the same as the washed out week.

• Single game washouts

When only a few games are washed out on a game day (e.g. ground closure), or where competitions do not have a scheduled washout date, these games are replayed on a Sunday as close as possible to the originally scheduled date. The time and ground will probably be different than the original schedule. The MWFA informs the Club of the time and ground and the procedures described below will be used to notify the team manager.

Ground and Draw Changes
The Association informs the Club of ground withdrawals, ground changes and time changes as soon as the changes are made. These are passed to team managers by the Competition Secretary as soon as possible for dissemination to the team.
ALL changes for the next Saturday and Sunday matches are notified at the previous Friday Tiger Contact Night. This is the latest information and will not change unless the MWFA decides to cancel a whole round on a Saturday morning (never before 7.30am). The Club Competition Secretary sometimes notifies changes for Sunday games on Saturday night.

If not closed prior to the day of the match the fitness of a ground for play must be decided by the Groundsman prior to the commencement of play on the day. If play has commenced an adult referee has the final say as to whether or not to play the game at all or to abandon it because of ground or weather conditions. Junior referees do not have this power, and must have the agreement of both managers to abandon the game.

Ensure your parents understand that unless there is any other information about the cancellation of a game or change of ground, they must go the allocated ground at the allocated time. Parents should not assume matches have been cancelled unless they have received notification from the coach or manager. If the team is not present the game will be forfeited.