Club Overview


To be the most successful club in Manly Warringah Football Association by providing excellence in club management, facilities and coaching to enable members to reach their full potential in football.


Is to provide an opportunity for members of all levels to play at the highest level and reach their full potential.
Foster and encourage a supportive and family environment to members of the community through educating fair play and love of football. Assist in the development of an improved standard of physical fitness in all members.
Support and encourage coaches in developing skills through educational pathways accredited with FFA.


Excellence: being uncompromising around the quality of football we play, and involve the best people for the Club’s development
Pride: being Proud of our History and accomplishments as a club
Community Spirit: being inclusive and community oriented with the teams, membership and general public.
Integrity: To play the game in accordance with the Laws and Spirit of the Game.
Enjoyment: through the fun of team sport and football