Pittwater and MWFA have partnered this year to run a Miniroos Coaching Course run at Kitchener Park on July 8th at Kitchener Park.

If you’re feeling like you could use a hand, or would be interested in getting another opinion on how to run a session, I strongly recommend attending this night.

This course is designed for coaches/managers/volunteers and even parents involved with age groups U6 – U11.
The 3-hour course is fully practical and encourages the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN.

The emphasis is on natural development i.e. learning by PLAYING football. No coaching but organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game. Another highlight of the course is that the coaches are exposed to basic rules of the game as well as tips and hints on building a football culture in a completely practical setting.

The ALDI MiniRoos Certificate is FREE OF CHARGE for all participants, but online registration is still compulsory.

Register here: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=21682

At the club, we’d love to see all coaches accredited and every child having the best possible education their whole way through the system.

This is not compulsory of course and I understand everyone can only commit the amount of time they can, but if you are free or interested, please consider registering.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ben Collock at coaching@pittwaterrslfc.com.au