Coaching Resources

The governing bodies of national and state football provide much information for coaches. We have listed and linked the most relevant ones on this website. Generally, all coaches should be familiar with the following documents and recourses: 

FFA National Curriculum provides a comprehensive guide for coaching and training. The weekly training session plans from the FFA are a valuable resource that teams can utilise if they choose to.

FFA Coaching Hub is a website run by the FFA that can be a teams complete training program – providing guidance to ensure players have fun in a safe and professional environment. The website outlines objectives, key skills and session outlines. FFA suggests the following phases for players: 

  • Discovery (Miniroos): U6-U9
  • Skill Acquisition: U10-U13 
  • Game Training: U13-U17
  • Performance: U17 and up 

Read the following playing rules as per your respective team you manage and coach: 
U6 and U7 Playing Rules 
U8 and U9 Playing Rules 
U10 and U11 Playing Rules
U12 – U16 Playing Rules 

FIFA 11+ complete warm up program to reduce the risk of injuries among male and female players aged 14 years and above. 

Additional recourses for health, fitness and warm up are: 

FIFA Health & Fitness for Female Football Players 

FIFA 11+ Workbook 

The MWFA Coaches Club is a Facebook group where coaches in the association can interact with each other, advertise for coaching vacancies, coaching courses, upload sessions plans, coaching videos and any other coaching related materials.

Football Rules (FIFA)


Community Coarse Manuals