It is a very sad goodbye, Pittwater RSL has been part of our life for more than 40 years, and at the end of 2020, Neil and I have decided it is time to hang up the proverbial boots. 

As President & Vice President for nearly 10 years, it has been a huge honour and privilege to lead ‘The Pride of Peninsula’. From the 50th Anniversary celebrations, many Gala Days, Pink Sock day to raise money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Crazy Sock day raising money for the invaluable Youth Hub,  the resurrection of the Women’s Premier League that has gone from strength to strength, to the Men’s Premier League competing in the FFA Cup, it has been a blast 😉

We have never tired of watching the sea of green on Saturdays and Sundays and the enormous pride we feel seeing teams compete in their games. From the U6s playing as though Kitchener is Old Trafford, to the over 35/45s where competition is a fine line between wanting to win, and still go to work on Monday albeit with a limp and the odd bandage, to the finals days at Cromer Park , where if shouting support counted in the end result, we would win every time. We will miss it all very much.

Thank you to our team, behind the teams, who are those who have and will continue to, make our club awesome, together we have moved goal posts (sorry, there I go again).  And while we will always bleed green and white, it is time for us to step aside (again) and we look forward to the club being led post 2020, into a new era.


Thanks – from the desk of Prez Netty