Pittwater RSL FC Gala Day- 20 August 2017 at Kitchener Park

In between the football games, heaps of entertainment is on offer: jumping castle, face paining, popcorn machine, petting zoo, sausage sizzle, the popular family picnic area around the football fields, raffle and much more.

Don’t miss out attending such a fun event – the Pittwater RSL FC puts always a lot of efforts into making this day spectacular for all participants. A huge thank you goes to St John’s Church for helping out on the day.

What to bring and what you need




Schedule of the Day:

8am to 9am – Welcome and March-past for Under 6s & under 7s
9am to 12pm – Football games and entertainment for Under 6s & U7s
12pm to 12.45pm – Welcome and March-past for Under 8s, 9s, W8s and W9s
12.45pm – Medals and trophies Presentation for Under 6s & Under 7s
1pm to 4.30pm – Football games and entertainment for U8s, 9s, W8s and W9s. Continued entertainment for U6s and U7s
4.30pm to 4.45pm – March-past winners and awards
4.45pm – Medals and trophies Presentation for Under 8s, 9s, W8s and W9s
5pm – End of the Gala Day


What to do and plan


March Past

Arrive early as the day will start on time with all kids assembled for a March past. Kid’s teams should prepare banners representing their teams, filled with colour and decoration, ready for the Gala Day March Past, finishing with a photo session and prizes being awarded for the best banners of the day at respective Presentation.

Football Round Robin

The Gala day will be a round robin event providing all teams with 4 slightly shortened games against other Pittwater teams. W8 & W9 teams will play 3 games as they will have played in the morning already. Scores will not be recorded and there will not be any winning teams.

Family & Team picnic area

The center of the Kitchener fields will allow teams to set up team picnic areas as a base for kids to return to. Set up team March Past banners, chairs and picnic rugs and make it a central location for your team’s kids to return to in between games and activities.

Canteen and BBQ

The canteen will be open all day for food & drinks. The canteen will be run by volunteers from all teams. The Club will organise a roster per team for the day.


The BBQ will be looked after the Mona Vale Anglican Church who are kindly donating their time as part of the charitable aspects of the day. Feel free to drop a gold coin into the World Vision stand for their assistance. The BBQ will be cooking until approx. 3pm offering low cost sausages, bacon and egg rolls and more.


Each team will get a break in their games schedule for having fun in the jumping castles, face painting (from approx 9am to 3pm), World Vision games or food. Siblings are welcome to join using the entertainment.



The Club will organise a raffle this year offering a range of fantastic prizes for both the adults and children. The money earned through the raffle will go towards sending young Club players to the NSR Kanga Cup in Canberra, the largest international Youth Football Tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. $2 raffle tickets can be purchased from committee members roaming around or from the canteen.


The club’s photographer Oliver Ford will take photos of all teams and players during the scheduled entertainment break which will be outlined as part of the day schedule you will receive on the Gala Day. Please ensure you attend on time at the photo session with all team players dressed in Pittwater RSL FC outfits. As we have a face painter available on the Gala Day, please wait until the photos have been taken before proceeding with the face painting if you wish.


The Club will have some photographers on the day taking shots of the kids playing. These pics will be uploaded to the Pittwater Web page and will be available for you to print off as you wish. If you do not want your child to be photographed please advise the Club on admin@pittwaterrslfc.com.au prior to the Gala Day.

Medals and trophy presentation

All kids playing during the Gala Day will receive a participation medal at the completion of the round robin competition during the Presentation. Each kid of the team will also receive a season trophy which will be also given to those kids who were not able to attend the Gala Day. The team’s manager can pick up the trophies for those not attending the Gala Day from the Club.

End of the Day Packup / Cleanup

At the end of the day the help of parents from U8s, U9s, W8s & W9s would be appreciated. Many hands make light work and it gets dark pretty quick this time of the year. Pack all field nets and poles back to change room. Pickup rubbish and return bins to club house. Packup of the Canteen and Gala set up.


Unwanted football gear for Ghana Football Program

The Club supports a local initiative to collect unwanted football gear e.g. football boots, shorts, shirts for a Ghana Football Program. The program aims to provide a positive lifestyle outlet for the children who are too poor to attend school. Please bring along any unwanted items that are still in reasonable condition to the Gala Day.


If kids are injured during play, please take them from the field and replace them quickly to allow the short games to continue. Please report any injuries (of a serious nature) to the committee at the canteen so that medical assistance can be called as may be required. A licensed First Aid will be available on the day should kids need attention.

Help Required

If you have questions or would like to become involved as a supporter or helper please contact Brigitte Petrie on admin@pittwaterrslfc.com.au