Gala Day Rules

Gala Day Football Games Format


Home and Away Teams

Teams competing are all Pittwater teams in each of the four age groups. The away team will need to wear training bibs for each game to differentiate between teams, otherwise turning shirts inside out is fine. The bibs are available at the canteen. The home team is listed in the first column of the daily schedule. The home team kicks off first half, away team kicks off second half.


Reserve Players

To keep the day alive for all kids, please work to rotation of your reserve players approx. every three minutes. This keeps every kid engaged and part of every game. If a team is short of numbers, balance them up with the other team to be fair.



Managers of the teams should organise the referees before the Gala Day and ensure a whistle is provided. The 1st team listed in each match will provide the ref (parent) to look after the game. For under 6s & 7s, a parent from each team will provide a ref, one for each of the concurrent games. Emphasis is on fun so refs should do their best to ensure this for the kids. No scores will be reported on the day as every kid will be a winner


Game Format

  • All teams will play 4 games per the timetable attached over a 5 period roster
  • The 5th position on rotation will allow kids to have a break and play on the jumping castles, join World Vision games, eat, drink, get some face painting and get team photos done.
  • The games are a round robin and there will not be any finals or Gala day competition winners. All kids are winners and all kids get participation medals and season trophies at the end of the day.
  • Kids need to be at the correct field early and on the field ready to start 5 minutes before the starting horn.
  • Home team kicks off each game to start with away team kicking off in the second half
  • Halves are slightly shorter than normal season games and the half time breaks (3 minutes only) allow for a change of ends and a quick drink only.
  • Kids should not leave the field at half time.
  • A horn will sound at the start and stop of each half and each game played. Please play to the horn and not to your own timing.


Under 6s & Under 7s

  • Matches will be two concurrent games of 4v4 (per usual Saturday matches)
  • Halves will be 12 minutes only with a 3 minute break at half time
  • There will be 13 minutes between games


Under 8s & Under 9s, Womens 8s & Womens 9s

  • Matches will be 7v7 (per usual Saturday matches)
  • Halves will be 15 minutes only with a 3 minute break at half time
  • There will be 12 minutes between games



If kids are injured during play, please take them from the field and replace them quickly to allow the short games to continue. Please report any injuries (of a serious nature) to the committee at the canteen so that medical assistance can be called as may be required. A licensed First Aid will be available on the day should kids need attention.