Well what a season we have had! “Are we playing?”  “No we aren’t!” “YES WE ARE!!!!”

It has been a crazy season, but thanks to FNSW & NSW Health & the MWFA we finally got going!

There are only a couple of weeks of the season to go. Hopefully everyone has had a great season.

A few things before the season wraps up:

  • To all our coaches & managers – thank you again for the time & effort that you have put in this season.  Please return your team’s coaching assessment to coaching@pittwtaerrslfc.com.au  
  • Unfortunately, there will be NO Gala day / Presentation Day / Night (this is in accordance with NSW Health)
  • The Pittwater RSL Football Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on 16th November, 7.30pm @ the Clubhouse, Kitchener Park. Please feel free to attend. We will vote in 2021’s committee
  • On that note, I’m sure you would all like to join me in thanking the tireless efforts of 2020’s committee members. Without them this club would be nothing, and they give their time for the betterment of this club which is the ‘Pride of the Peninsula’
  • There are a number of positions becoming vacant on the committee for 2021, if you are interested in helping the club, please contact president@pittwaterrslfc.com.au
  • Please return your kits bags to your age co-ordinators (U/6’s please hand over on 3/10/20 at Kitchener Park)

Some great news from the office of Brad Hazzard (Minister for Health & Medical Research)

From THIS weekend, more than one parent may now attend community sporting activities if physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres an be maintained between people that are not from the same household.

‘We know the last few months has been hard on families who want to see their kids score a try or kick a goal on the weekend.

I would like to thank all the parents and volunteers in community sport for their commitment to following the guidelines to help keep our community safe.’

MWFA Surplus Funds

MWFA has saved some of our funds in 2020 due to the COVID-19 disruption. As such we have received a reduction in the payment made to MWFA/FNSW/FFA and with this surplus, the committee have discussed a number of options on how to spend this money.

From this, we will disperse these funds to:

  • Modification to storage Area in change room
  • New full-size nets 
  • Captains Arm Bands (U12+)
  • Plastic Net pegs 
  • Training gear 
  • New Corner flags  
  • New goals for Mini-Roos 
  • New team kits bags
  • New goalie shirts 
  • 3 Pittwater Marquees (2-4 m x 4m, 1-4m x 8m)
  • Replacement subs benches 
  • Coffee machine & Bain Marie trolleys 
  • Hot Dog Machine

Below is a guide to the last couple of weeks of the season (if you have any questions – please contact your age co-ordinator)

Below information is on the MWFA website https://www.mwfa.com.au/2020/09/18/update-on-mwfa-2020-season-last-weekend and in the Soccer Post 

LAST WEEKEND – 2nd, 3rd and 4th OCTOBER

ALL Under 6 to Under 11 mixed and Women’s 8 to Women’s 11 draws will remain the same for Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October.

The games that are currently scheduled for 2nd / 3rd / 4th weekend of October will change for U12 and above once all tables are updated after the games are played weekend of 25th / 26th / 27th and midweek games 29th September to 1st October.

Final Round (U12 and above – Mixed and Women’s)

On the weekend of October – Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th, the 2020 season will finish with all teams taking part in a “Final Round”, whereby teams will play a final match based on their standings during the “Regular Season”.

Friday 2nd October

All W18/1 and U18/1 games

1 v 2 ONLY for the following – AL2 to AL9, O35s and O45s.  All remaining teams (3v4, 5v6 etc) will play on Saturday.

Saturday 3rd October

1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – All U12 to U18/2s and below

1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – PL and AL1 squads

3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – AL2 to AL9s

3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – O35s and O45s

Sunday 4th October

1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – All W12 to W18/2s and below

1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – All WPL, WAL1 and below

1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12 – All W30 and W40s

The matches will be organised based on the principle of 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12, depending on the number of teams in each competition.

The final competition table will be determined by the number of points won.

If teams in any specific competition have played an uneven number of the games, the final competition table will be determined by points won per match (i.e. Points accumulated divided by matches played).

i. Teams placed 1st after completion of MWFA competition will be declared Major champions.

ii. The winners of the 1v2 match in each competition will be declared “Knockout winners”

iii. The 1v2 matches played on 2nd, 3rd and 4th October are the only games that will be decided by penalty kicks ONLY (no extra time will be played).

iv. All other matches on 2nd, 3rd and 4th October that end in a draw will NOT go to extra time or penalty kicks. The game will be declared joint winners.

Beaver Williams is the proud sponsor of our Men’s Premier League this year. 

Beaver Williams specialise in commercial air conditioning and fire protection for commercial and industrial clients across Sydney. 

During the month of October Beaver Williams will be supporting WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW. For each order received for a new air conditioning or fire maintenance contract during October 2020, Beaver Williams will give $250 to WayAhead Mental Health Association (conditions apply, visit beaverwilliams.com.au for details). If you know of a business that requires preventative maintenance, please let them know about this fantastic initiative.