Referees for U12+

The MWFA will appoint official referees to all junior fixtures U12 and up where possible. If there is no referee, managers or officials of the competing teams should appoint a person to control the game.

The home team provides the Referees Card. If you are the home team, the manager should complete the team listing ready for the manager of the opposing team to complete and check. If you are the away team, the manager of the opposing team will hand the card to you for completion. 

Abuse of referees 

Increasing abuse of referees has lead the MWFA to re-emphasise the powers referees already have under the FIFA rules to take action against team officials and spectators who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. This can be temporarily stopping a game or completely abandoning a game. The following guidelines will be followed:

  • All referees will report incidents of abuse to the MWFA. Teams who are found guilty of abuse more than once in a season will suffer fines and possible loss of competition points or expulsion from the competition in extreme cases.
  • If abuse continues after a warning has been issued the referee has the power to abandon the game.
  • If any official who has been cautioned or sent from the field of play refuses to comply, the referee has the power not to restart the game until the directive has been carried out. If attempts to have the directive followed are not successful, the referee may abandon the game.
  • Team officials may also be requested by the referee to control abusive spectators from their team. The game may be stopped until the abuse is stopped and continued abuse may also lead to the game being abandoned.