One beanie at a time
Here’s a serious brain teaser: how can we help, in our own small way, to find a cure for brain cancer?

One idea is to get behind a new fundraiser and buy a grey beanie. Why grey? Our brains are often referred to as our grey matter, and our brains matter so much.

Especially when you consider this terrifying statistic: One person is diagnosed with brain cancer every 6 hours in Australia.

Finding a cure for brain cancer is a cause very close to the hearts of the Sydney Neuro Oncology Group (SNOG) and Northern-beaches based family support group, Mums for Mums.

SNOG and Mums for Mums need you to get behind this campaign in the hope that we can raise money to help find a cure for brain cancer, one beanie at a time. #onebeanieatatime

Doctor Raymond Cook, Chairman and Co-founder of SNOG says the biggest problem is that there’s been little advance made in the overall treatment for the worst sort of brain tumours.

“This form of brain tumour is still the one that leads to the most deaths so unfortunately we don’t really have any advocates because all potential advocates ultimately pass away”, Doctor Cook says.

“That differentiates brain tumours from other cancers such as prostrate and breast cancer where there are many long term survivors who go on the road and can promote the research within the field”, he says.

SNOG and Mums for Mums need you to be an advocate for brain cancer research. Buy a beanie. They are $20. Unisex. One size fits all.


Let’s get this hashtag trending and become the advocates for brain cancer research. 

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