Borrowing players / U12 and up

Borrowing players is a complex principle so we have stated the key rules here and advise you to seek more information from your respective age coordinator if you have further questions. 

A borrowed player is a registered player who acts as a player for a team within the same Club different from the player’s registered team. All the requirements of this clause must be met to ensure the borrowed player is legally used.

The maximum number of borrowed players in any team in any Match is four (4), except for Matches played within a round robin, knockout semifinal or final series Match where the maximum number of borrowed players is two (2). 

e) Under Option A, where a Club has more than one team in a First Division Competition, the MWFA will label the teams ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc in order of the strength of the team. A first division team may only borrow from another team in the same first division if it is of lower strength. Thus ‘A’ can borrow from ‘B’ but ‘B’ cannot borrow from ‘A’. For sake of clarity the U/21 competitions classified as first division for this rule.

Example Option A: An U15 team in Division 1 can borrow players from another U15 team in the same or lower division. 

Example Option B: An U13 team in Division 3 can borrow players from an U12 team in Division 2 and lower. 

Example Option C: An U16 team in Division 2 can borrow players from an U14 team in any Division.